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My Story

This is very hard for me to write this, but after just watching Brave Miss World it brought me to tears and I realize now that more people need to speak out about this.

One night, at the age of 14, I was walking home from a party alone the vehicle stopped and approached me and 2 men walked out. I tried to run, but they caught me and took me to an alley where they raped me. I was threatened that I wouldn’t live and if I was ever to tell that I would die three years later. I finally broke down and then broke my silence. People do not understand that this makes you feel disgusted, ashamed, not wanting to be around anybody. A pain no one could ever understand. Those people have taken something from you that you can never get back you feel powerless angry and depressed.

I cannot say that I have ever considered ending my life, although appearing the easiest option at the darkest of times. These are permanent scars left in your memories at this age. I’m still struggling. I don’t like to be around people at times even my own family. You get this feeling of emptiness. It’s hard. Someone even trying to hold your hand or even being able to trust anyone.

I’ve dealt with other sexual abuse incidents as I got older. I just hope that no one will ever have to experience what I went through ever again. But, the world isn’t perfect and remember no matter how many bad people there may seem to be on this planet, there are always more good ones.

I know I’m strong and I am alive. Only my immediate family knew, not friends or other family members. Let someone know

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  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Anonymous


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