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My Supervising Doctor

I don’t even know where to start in sharing my story…
I was a nurse at a drug rehab center here where I live locally…
Protocol in the facility was there was to never be a physical by a make Doctor if the patient was female.
Being a nurse of the facility and having two children and being so busy I figured I’d ask the MD to give me an RX for his rash. Save time. Save a Co-pay… I’m there……….easy.
I asked this Dr if he would please write me an RX for a small rash I had between my breasts… I figured it was summer … That’s why it was there.. The MA ( medical assistant) was in the room and he looked at me.. Like a look I can’t describe… And ask the MA to ” please leave the room”
She had a puzzled look on her face cause I specifically grabbed her for this quick exam as it was 100% protocol. And he tells her to leave?!?!? She had a look of hesitance on her face… But he was her supervisor… What was she to do…
I was wearing a v neck scrub top .. The small rash could have easily been seen just pulling it down… The Dr then looked at me with this gaze… Locked the door and told me not to say a work and take off my scrubs….I was so confused????… What was he asking me to do… I had a small rash the size of a quarter ??.. And he’s asking me to take off my clothes….all I could think was that he was my supervisor… I’m a single mother.. I can’t lose my job.. He has that authority to fire me…,so I did as I was told….
So here I am topless my breasts fully exposed… And he’s groping them….and rubbing up against me… I’m just shocked… Here I am the nurse and the supervising dr is molesting me …,thankfully someone comes to the door and Knocks loudly and startled him ..and he stops and says one moment I’m with a patient.. And he throws me my clothes and tells me I’m lucky he didn’t have more time… I dress myself…,I go to my office and cry…. This man was featured in the newspaper as one of the ” best giving Doctored” out there was on the news… Runs a free medical clinic for homeless and impoverished… How is anyone gunna believe me?!?!?!?!? I had to work with this man for 3 more months…
Until I was so scared of being in that situation again I lost my job. As a nurse Abd him being my supervisor and no one believing me…till this day I haven’t told a soul….
Doctors in my eyes have changed I trust none…
And I’m a nurse.. He robbed me of my wonderful job…
He stole my humility
He made me a coward..
And to know no one will ever believe me…
Makes me even sadder.
I will die knowing this Doctor fondled me
And if he wouldn’t have been interpreted would have raped me… And he’s a prized citizen kills me even more inside.
This is my story.

— Survivor, age 30

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