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My Year in Hell

Ms. Linor Abargil is an inspiring woman and if she is brave enough to share her story with the world, I thought I could share my little bit of Hell in hopes it helps others and gives them hope.

Within months of moving in with my boyfriend, the psychopath revealed himself. The psychological abuse started first, but it was the physical and sexual abuse that broke my spirit. I was often chained to the bed and repeatedly raped. When given some modicum of freedom he would threaten me with death if I ever called the police on him. While holding his favorite .44 Magnum to my head he would tell me that if I ever called the police he would kill me, kill the police officers when they arrived, then kill himself. The most chilling thing he ever told me was, “Girl! There are Men, Dogs, Livestock, and then Women. Why would you think I care about what I am doing to you?” That was when I knew my life was truly in jeopardy.

The night he was arrested was the night I thought I was going to die. I threatened to call the police and the beating that followed made the crime scene Deputy comment, “I’ve never photographed anyone this injured.”

It took me eight long years to get my life back. Will I ever be the same? No! Never! However, I am stronger, smarter, and more driven then I was before going through this Hell. There is hope. There is a future waiting for you. Reach out to anyone and everyone that will listen. Build a group of strong, loving, and supportive friends. You will get through this. Happier days await you. No one should ever be a victim of sexual/physical/psychological abuse, but if it happens you are not alone. We survivors are everywhere waiting with open arms to love and support you as you regain sanity and stability.

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