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Never Even Knew

I went out with a friend to our favorite bar. I had two drinks and the my one friend left. I was socializing and we were talking about fire ball and one guy offered to get me and his friend a shot. Then 2 more. Within mins everything was black and I woke up on someone’s couch covered in urine but fully dressed. I thought I was safe.

From further investigation, I was so wrong. A week later I found out a guy left with me then dropped me off in the front of the bar a few hours later. Completely disoriented. “Drunker” then anyone there had ever seen me. Someone gave me a description and I never remembered a guy who fit that description.

I knew he raped me, I was on my period and the next Day my tampon had been pushed up. I was hoping it was something else but it wasn’t. I just started a new relationship, he knows and is supportive. It’s really hard especially when you know this thing had your body and you don’t know how long. Or who he even was.

— Survivor, age 26

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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