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Never Forgotten

I was 16 I had just left school ready to start college i met up with friend Emma in Guildford town for shopping where she saw some guy friends of hers. I didn’t know them and never met them. We went to the castle it was a nice day we sat outside in the gardens. One of them called Aaron said let’s go for a walk. He seemed ok. He said he knows a place with good view of Guildford. He took me to a building that was shut waiting to be bulldozed down there were sleeping bags were squatters were staying but none was around he took me to the roof. It was isolated. He raped me. I asked him to stop but he didn’t. I was a virgin. He just kept saying let me finish. After I was bleeding. I was bruised. I didn’t tell anyone got on a bus and walked home. I was disgusted with myself. What did I do did I lead him on? I know now I did nothing wrong this happened 15 years ago. I’m now 31 and I am never over it. I did tell the police when I was 17 as I was self harming. I got sectioned by them and I told them when they were in the car taking me to the hospital but it’s like they weren’t listening. It’s hard to speak out I’ve never ever told my family my friends. Even now it’s hard.


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Gem


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