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New Years Eve

We had gone to the big gathering to drink, party, and watch fireworks as 12 passed. There was about 12 or so in our group, but a lot got separated in the crowds, which got more solid as the moment approached, meanwhile everyone got more liquids as well.
Midnight rang out, and I kissed all the guys with us, followed by the girls, and then whoever was in reach, and it got more, as I was passed forward to meet more. I was having a lot of fun at that point.
I must end the witness story, as the last I can remember is kissing a lot, and a few wandering hands, which I stopped, for the most part. Past that, I woke up in the shower, got undressed(yes, that was the order), and fell asleep on my couch.

I got together for brunch with the girls, and we synched diaries on the night. One of my best looked away and said she last saw me with a guy behind me. What’s wrong with that, I asked? No, behind you….Leaning on a trash can. What about that? Do I have to say? Yeah, I guess. You were having sex! HUH?! There was a line too. WHAT?!!!! I last saw you walking off with 2 guys arm in arm, but I couldn’t get over to you to find out where you were going.

Okay, I needed to leave at that point. I remember Nothing of any sex. I was thoroughly embarrassed in front of my friends, and had nothing to talk it out over. I had no birth control, nor can I expect that anyone used protection. I’ve had nightmares of possible activities, but I don’t know if it’s real or imaginary. It might sound foolish, but I started drinking regularly from this, whatever happened that night.

— Evellyn, age 34

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