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Newly Living Neighbour

I was living at a small unit for about 4 months, without any neighbours, until a man became my next door number, he knocked on my door introducing himself as my neighbour. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, as he was just being neighbourly, until one day I heard a knock on the door, and opened it to see if anyone was there, it was him he then ran into my apartment and made himself welcome and started to talk about his whole life story and religion, I thought to myself why is he telling me this, he then began sitting close to me, touching my knee, and rubbing my thighs, I was in complete shock, and told him to stop touching me now, then he went to grab both my boobs and female anatomy I was completely in shock, but luckily had my phone and began calling the police he then proceeded to leave, but I was in fear of my neighbour.

The next week, he began knocking on my door and said he had locked himself out, I had told him I can not help you, so he proceeded to knock for a good 2 hours, out of annoyance and desperation for him to stop knocking, I gave in and opened the door on one condition the doors must be open, and he then asked me to try and see if his keys worked, I left to see if my keys worked as I wanted him gone asap, he then supposedly called a locksmith, and the locksmith came, and he left. I was relieved he left, until I saw that someone had left their keys, which probably meant he had made this whole story up, and calculated a plan to sexually assault me. The next minute he knocked on the door, saying he had left something, I said I know and opened the door halfway to give it to him, he overpowered the door and went in, and then started smiling at me very creepy it was one of the most scariest moments of my life. I told him to please leave, he began to hold my arms with force and shouted you thin k you can talk to a man like that forcing me onto the couch, and trying to take my clothes off, luckily my family was visiting at that time. He ran away after they knocked, and me in complete shock took a while to open the door.

I then began getting abusive text messages from an unknown number, text messages included were your a bitch, and a jerk, you think you can treat me like that, I then called the number and it was my neighbour, I was in shock to how he got my neighbour, he must have been stalking me, so my fear intensified and I stopped going to my house the backdoor as I thought I would be safer. It was hard as I was living there, and had no choice but to leave and come back to it.

One day, I went through the front door thinking I would be safe, until while opening my keys, someone grabbed me behind, it was my neighbour, I panicked and tried to force him off, but he overpowered me and grabbed me by the hair to his apartment, he then told me that I was asking for this a long time, and began to tie me up, while he undressed. I was crying, saying let me go, please I will do anything to let me go, all go out with you, just anything, but he said no all he wanted was for me to be naked, and he began ripping off my clothes, with a shocked me crying in disbelief, while ripping out my clothes, he then raped me.

I was embarrassed and traumatized about the rape, I could only tell people his only crime was indecent assault instead of rape, because it was easier that way to live my life in denial, and pretend I was never raped because I had done all the sensible things in my head not be raped, I felt like it was all my fault, and I was worthless.

I feel a mixed range of emotions about the rape, but I now know It was not my fault, as he was a stranger who was clearly crazy. It took 6 months for me to talk about the rape, and I was finally able to get the courage to report it to the police, I do not know whether I went to go to court or not, but I feel more relieved that I have reported it to the police, in a way I feel like I am getting the justice I deserve.

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