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Nirbhaya “ fearless”: Justice for the Brutal Gang Rape of Jyoti Singh

Have no fear, justice is near, the verdict is clear.

Don’t sentence the six men to death
An act of freedom in a world gone mad.

Sentence the six men to life
And daily torture and pain
Until they go insane.

Castrate them Starve them and make
them eat their own curried dicks.

Tatoo them from head to toe
with the name of the victim.

On a leash walk the naked men through the streets of New Delhi Where a woman is raped every 14 hours

Hang the six men in a public square
Let carnivourous wild lions

Pull them apart limb from limb and Feast on the remains until their Bones are bare, its only fair.

Have no fear, justice is near, the verdict is clear.


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