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“No” is Universal

Last night I went out to a bar near campus with a few good friends of mine. After a few drinks we ran into some foreign exchange students who bought us shots. An hour or so later I left the bar with one of the french exchange students that I was acquainted with. I had only ever slept with my ex-boyfriend before, and I explained to him that I don’t hook up with people I don’t love or that I am not dating. He took me back to his house and I thought he would take care of me and put me to sleep. I turned to my side to go to bed and closed my eyes but the next thing I knew was that he was inside of me. I told him no many many times, and I was not in the condition to make decisions given I was very intoxicated. I didn’t fight back, I couldn’t express myself. All I did was cry. Afterwards I left without saying anything. I told my close friends what happened as well as my sisters. I talked to a lady from the rape hotline and she to ld me it would be best to go to the hospital and tell them what happened as well as run a few tests. I am still unsure wether I should press charges. As much as I’m told it wasn’t my fault, it still feels as so. I shouldn’t have gotten so drunk and I should have been more street smart.

— Survivor, age 19


  • Alexis
    • Survivor
      • Alexis


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