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No Support

I was 17 and had gotten into a traffic accident two months earlier. Having fun and smiling was very difficult for me.
I went on vacation with my family to Turkey.
My parents pushed me to go out and have fun, meet people from the hotel.
I woke up the next morning to a man having sex with me without a condom. All I remember is him kissing me hours earlier and me telling him to back off.
I got up and walked to my room and slept it off.
I woke up and called one friend form home and told her about it. I went to the hotel doctor and begged her for the morning after pill without my parent’s consent, even though I was still a minor. I could see her judging me, but I finally convinced her.
My parents told me at breakfast that they found me sleeping in my room in my previous night’s clothes, with the door open. I said I got drunk, they didn’t ask further questions.
The following days I was sick, from the experience or from the morning after pill. I lost about 10 pounds that week.

I told my parents a year later. They never really reacted. My mother only remarked that it’s not like it was a brutal rape that I was aware of. I agree with her that date rape is less damaging to a person, but for your mother to say that…

I spoke to her about it again a few weeks ago [it’s been 8 years since] and she told me she felt no empathy, but wishes she did.

I don’t know what to think of it. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. But shouldn’t parents care more?

Because I couldn’t ever really talk about it and because it happened so soon after another accident, I’m not even sure to this day the impact it’s had on my life.


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