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Nobody believed me

I’m not going to state the relationship I had with this boy but I was around six. I’ll call him x so x one day took me into a room. And started touching me. X was much older than I was and I was a scrawny little girl. X continued to do this to me until I was 8 close to being nine. I remember x would pour water on me. And always cover my face. X stuck other objects in me as well. X would make me watch porn. I’d was forced to do whatever x wanted. I didn’t like it. But I was so little it became normal. I remember x brought a friend (g) and g did the same thing to me but only like once or twice. I found out this was wrong and told my mom. She told my dad. They called x and he denied it all. They told me I was lying. Now I constantly feel the need to be touched and have intercourse. I also can’t feel any emotions. Not love nor happiens or sadness. Just anger. It happened again when I was 1 0 but it wasn’t intercourse just touching. The rape part doesn’t seem to affect my daily life. It’s mainly just that i only feel anger. But I hope one day I can finally feel happiness and love.

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