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Not friends

I was drinking pretty hard for a couple weeks straight, and drugs on and off, this is before I started treatment for bipolar disorder. I was very hypersexual. I came on to a longtime friend of mine, who habitually used me for money, etc anyway. Later I told him, we shouldn’t have done that. He kept persisting after that and pressuring me, especially when I was drunk. A couple times he went ahead and did it anyway when I was too messed up to move, even when I said no. He made me feel guilty for “leading him on”, to the point where I still felt guilty even after I sobered up and got treatment and got a boyfriend. He hasn’t tried to touch me since then, but needed someone to fill an apartment in a building he lives in and, once again, pressured me. Now I am stuck living here, finally coming to terms with the fact that he wronged me. In so many ways. I can hear his voice thru the wall as I type this and I want to scream. I’m leaving soon, I hope, but this is torture. Beware of any friend who profits from your sadness, they are the scum of the earth.

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  • Alexis


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