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Not my fault

I was 19 years old, in the military and in Korea. I had an on and off again fling with a co worker and ended up getting pregnant and miscarried. People found out and we sort of had a party to get everyone’s minds off. There was drinking and games and a lot of people coming thru the room of the barracks. One of the the Ncos was being too friendly and touchy throughout the night and I guess I didn’t notice too much until after. We get into a drinking competition and I chug a bottle of Jaeger. I start feeling dizzy and whatnot and he starts to ask me about my life. I get all emotional and continue drinking. Meanwhile, this man is taking sips at a time… well anyway he asks me to get cups and whatnot out his room. I got and he shuts the door. I start to panic and all the alcohol had left my body. He tells me I’ll get in trouble for being with a senior sergeant alone and I had been in trouble before so I didn’t want that. He backs me up on the table and kisses me and grabs me throws me on the bed and rips my clothes off. He takes his shorts off and that’s when it happened. I locked up completely. I stared into space and I couldn’t say a word. Finally, someone found me and I ran out … never told anyone “officially” never filed a report and the scumbag is still in the military.

— Mari


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