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Not Really Family

I was in a relationship for two years. At first, my boyfriend was the best anyone could ever ask for. But after 6 months, he changed starting to slap me and choke me. It’s been getting worse and worse until a point her would rape me. I have passed out many times waking up sore and scared. I tired getting away but he would blackmail me. Then my uncle started to see me more recently I never thought anything of it until he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. He tried touching me but he was very drunk and fell. I keep telling my self he was just drunk. But now every time I see him he will grab my ass and let his hand slip. I can’t tell anyone as he is happily married and is the carer for his wife I couldn’t put her though that. My boyfriend eventually snapped and me punched me raped me and choked me until I woke up naked. He said I was dumped so I guess I’m free from him now. Just have to hide from my uncle as well.


  • Amara
  • Nicole


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