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Nothing for Nothing

My mother remarried. I never liked him.
He installed new security systems, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, clocks, and thermostats, in every room, including the bathrooms and garage. I felt like he was watching 24/7.
I started making some money, babysitting and cleaning, and sometimes I needed a ride to where the bus didn’t go. He picked me up, but he wanted a share. I needed all I had made, he had another plan.
He parked. I mean found an isolated area, and started kissing me. Then hard kissing with tongues. He felt me up, and had me feel him. I felt like a hooker, except that he would want more from that.
Whenever I needed more cash, he would take me out in the car. My mother had to stop my allowance to go to bills, and he was there to drive me once a week, and I would keep my allowance.
I needed a dress for a school dance. He bought it, and put it in the trunk. I could have it when I was done. He wanted more than before, and he pushed my head to his lap. With days to the dance, and he had my dress, I had no choice. I choked back my lunch while thinking about what happens doing this. He gave me no breaks, and I traded my dignity for my dress. He found more things I needed to reimburse him for.
I got a friend with a car, and I could make my own cash, so he had no home grown whore I thought. It was until I wanted tickets to a concert that he had his chance. It was sold out in minutes, and I was out of luck. He managed to get good seats, 4 tickets 3 row. I didn’t have to ask, I got in his car.
He parked, and told me to get in the back. He ordered me to get undressed. No, I wasn’t going that far!
He was, and he straight out raped me right there!
He said I earned my tickets for this week, and we will be back next so I could get credit for more help.
I went to tell my mother, but chickened out. I didn’t have the courage to report him, nor say no to him.
He spent months forcing me to have sex in his car every week. I just sat like I was a doll, and he didn’t care.
I thought he got me pregnant, and that didn’t stop his recreation. However, I had admitted it to a friend, and while he was in the middle of sex, we were interrupted by a Cop.
I was taken from the house, and put in foster care. In a way, so was he.

— Survivor, age 17


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