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On the Way Home

I was at a friend’s party last night, not real wild, not a lot to drink, no boys worth picking up, but fun to hang. I went to go home, and I was not real drunk, but they wouldn’t give me my keys back. I went to walk home, which was a little far, but I only had $20 for a cab, and Uber wasn’t responding.
I walked for a while, and then went to hitch, with little on the road. A car pulled up and asked if I called for an Uber, and I figured “Hey, it’s on someone else’s account”, so I said it was mine. He apologized for being late, and said it would be discounted, and I said “Great”, thinking for whoever!. We road off towards my address.
I wasn’t paying attention, and he had pulled off in the dark, and ended behind some warehouses or loading docks. He pulled a gun, and said I had to pay for the ride now. I felt like messing up the back of his cab, big time!

So, he raped me orally, anally, and vaginally, and left me there naked, throwing my clothes except for select souvenirs, but at least my shoes and purse, with my money, cards, phone, and a little pot and coke hidden in a pocket. I went to call the cops, but thought about it, and decided I would get busted myself.
I found a donut shop to buy a coffee and break the $20, so I
could get a bus near home.

I’m okay with it, but I need to Share that it happened.
You are Great People to be there when someone needs you!
Sending Love and Hugs to any who had similar experiences.

— Charie, age 31


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