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Once Again

At age 8, I was raped and beaten by my alcoholic grandfather. My mom having a mental illness was in the hospital so I had to live with my grandparents. My grandmother was sweet but she left for work 5 am and got home by 11pm. When she was gone my grandpa would get drunk and abuse me. He slapped me, punched me, covered my head with pillows and raped me over and over again but the worst one was when i was asleep. I felt a rough hand grasp my thigh violently. I was still. I was too scared to move or scream. Powerless. When I started crying he hit me over and over again. I couldn’t breathe, when he was done with me he poured buckwheat on the floor and told me to kneel down naked on it. He then gave me several lashes with his belt. This repleted for months but I never said anything. Later when I was 12, I was walking to my friends house, a car was passing by and it stopped right in front of me, i thought that he wanted to ask for directions but instead he brought out a gun and said if I didn’t get in the car he’d shoot. As soon as I got in a bag was used to cover my head. I woke up in a strange place strapped to an iron bed. He cut me with knives, lashed me with s, beat me with his hands. When
I was cover in my own blood, he stuck his penis in my opening violently. I passed out and woke up in a strange bush. No cabs, no pedestrian, no house. I didn’t know which way to go so I just walked down for as long as I could shortly after I fainted again. This time T woke up in the back seat of a car. Not understanding anything it took me about 30 seconds to remember what had happened. As soon as T remembered, I began to scream and cry. The man in the car told me to keep quiet because he wasn’t going to hurt me. He asked me my address and took me there. Today he and I are dating. He is the perfect boyfriend, he never pressured me for sex. He always comforted me. I have been diagnosed with severe ptsd, ocd and severe depression. Thanks grandpa, thanks stranger.


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