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Online dating

I have been raped three times in my life. Once was with a boyfriend in high school when I was 17. His sexual preferences changed as ours all do, but mine stayed the same and we didn’t like the same things anymore. But that didn’t stop him from getting what he wanted. The second time was when I was 18, I don’t remember anything between meeting a guy friend at the park, to waking up in the bushes with my pants down and blood in between my legs. But when I was 19 in 2015 was the worst one… the one that leaves me lying awake at night and the endless panic attacks was that from a guy I met online. I met him off of Plenty of Fish, and we had already gone out on our first date. Everything went well and he seemed like a really nice guy. So we went out on a second date the next day. He picked me up and said we were going to dinner. Against what I wanted, he took me to his apartment. When we got there, he moved me into the bedroom. something felt off about him and I tried to leave. He insisted that I stay. We sat on the bed and he started kissing me. Then the horror ensued. I won’t go into detail, but it was one of the worst experiences in my life. Sometimes, when I’m having a bad PTSD day, I can still feel him forcing my legs apart, his spit in my eyes and on my face, the sting of his slap across my breasts, and the pain of the punches I took all over my body. When he was done, he threw the condom at me and walked away. I got dressed as fast as I can and I ran out of that apartment. I called my mom as soon as I got to the main road and told her everything that happened. She came and picked me up and called the cops on our way to the emergency room. I was black and blue and red all over. I already had bruises on my chest and sides and hives across my stomach. I was a mess. I spent the next ten hours in the ER getting treated and giving a statement to the cops. And after all of that hell I went through, that sick fucker didn’t get arrested. So now here I am… 21 years old and still living with the pain of one guy’s horrible decision. Every day is a struggle for me. The PTSD gives me anxiety and chronic pain and it’s hard to do a full day worth of work. I hope he gets caught some day, but I also hope that he never touches another woman in his life. Please be safe out there, and never get into someone’s car that you don’t know and trust.

— Cheyanne, age 21


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