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Only 12

I was primary school when I got raped, it was a boy I really like and he knew I liked him a lot. At first I didn’t understand things about love and all that I thought love for a kid was talking maybe a kiss and just having fun like kids where suppose to. Well he would touch me in my private area’s and I was uncomfortable so I told him not to bother me again and he was mad. Right away he stopped talking to me and I was fine with that, but one day I went to the bathroom and he went out after me and no one was in the restroom. He came in the bathroom behind me and locked the door and put his hands over my mouth he put his hand in my pants and said if I made a sound he was going to strangle me to death. He kept his hand in my pants for a long time I can’t remember. He left the restroom and I went to the main office. I was so scared, ashamed, and upset that that I never told anyone I told them I fell down the stairs. I was only 12, and this is the first time I am telling my story.

— Survivor, age 28

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