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I was young when it all began not I remember when or how he started
only I can remember of a man who touched me
so lasted for some time
too young lost my grandmother should probably have among 5 or 6 years
My mother was very young and had no responsibility
I passed some difficulties on went hungry ordered on the streets
I lived with some families the only thing that has not changed was the men and the attempts blackmailing moral violation and abuses and mental I have been sharply taken out of my family at the death from my grandmother and to separated from the my brothers and my mother may not assume its responsibilities
up to the age of 14 years lived in a bridge between a family with whom I started to live when I had 7years and to my mom and her he had bebes each year 14 years I cut ties with my mom I is not stand it any longer ten all of that I entered depression
as a child I was always introspective did not noticed with the depression came the crisis of panic and many more responsibilities I could not to be with my mom cause I I had to study. it all I’ve ever I had to bear silently could not speakevery time that I asked help my mother she did did not only a lot worsened after no longer say a word, only fleeing of them each time I I could I experienced much in little time, and to I learned a lot in little time
at age 22 I was raped by an guy I knew at a bar I was tipsy the age of 23 had one English boyfriend who came into the Brazil and then took me to Britain I finished on the street with a suitcase and 30 £
I became pregnant the age of 24 and I was abandoned by the father of my daughter
met a boyfriend with whom stayed 1 year ½ and once again was on the street with my daughter and I was well for 4 months, then I passed 7 months on a support center to victims of conjugal violence and my life started in the birth of my daughter and once again in December 5, 2011 when I had my apartment and I have decided la is the last time I lived several types violence I saw several types violence and now more than ever decided I No can I let it happen longer
the life left me many brand and many barrier, but never hath taken away my love the will of living my daughter and my fuel
Flee out of Brazil hoping to live lifetime start over and to has given me one more chance tonight I live in france working take care of my daughter with whom I have a wonderful relation and to working my shortcomings acquired by the violence I do therapy since 18 years and so too help me I have much necessity to speak that I up to I lose lol always say I started talking to 18 years that was my story I am ELIELMA DA SILVA SANTIAGO


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