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Playing Games

“Let’s play a game.” is what started it all as far as I could remember. I was born to a well-off family and raised with maids and nannies. My parents would leave the house for works weeks at a time with me, my younger sister and younger brother left to paid strangers. But they were at ease since they paid my youngest uncle (a year older than me) to stay with us while they were gone. This particular uncle was the youngest of four brothers and the most responsible one. His family had fallen into harder times so my parents wanted to help out. We played a lot and he taught us the basics of cooking and cleaning.

One day, we decided to visit his house because the maids were complaining about the messes we made or something. I remember we were playing with Pokemon Cards in his bedroom when the eldest uncle walked in and complained about the mess. The brothers fought and ended with the youngest leaving the house in a fit. My sister and brother followed him but I chose to stay and clean up the pokemon cards on the bed. I remembered my manners as he asked me about Pokemon. I told him all about it. He said he wanted to do a different game.

I vaguely remember the details thereafter, but I remember suffocating as he forced his manhood in my mouth and rubbing his thing on my genitals. I don’t remember if there was actual penetration. But I remember being complacent about the series of events that lasted for months. I didn’t realize that what I was doing is wrong. I was shaken when I had a slip of the tongue with my nanny and she reacted in a disgusted manner. I realized that what I did was wrong. Since I couldn’t ask anyone about it, I decided to research it.

What followed was years of believing I was pregnant, starving myself and contemplating suicide. As a result, I don’t have good grades like my siblings, I’m underdeveloped with scoliosis, trust issues and a distaste for water. I think the emotional damage was the worst as I cant seem to stop thinking about it. I was taken advantage of. He took my childhood from me. I envy everyone of their happy childhood memories.

— Survivor, age 23


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