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Please Rape Me

When I was about 8, growing up with my cousins should have been a nice experience, with fun and games. Not with older boys touching my not yet fully developed genitals or breasts, and not with them sticking their hardly washed penises into my mouth. The worst thing was that these boys were my cousins and that it was different ones, as if they all got together and planned to take advantage of their younger cousin.

This all stopped before I went into puberty, which was almost great, however my uncle must have also seen the “Please Rape Me” sticker on my forehead, because he also forced me to please him with my mouth, even laughing when he came into my mouth, while I spat it out.

And not to mention, after that ended, another uncle who was married to my aunt, would pretend to be inside me between my legs, promising that once I turned 13, he would finally take my virginity. I got lucky that my aunt walked in on him one day and it all finally stopped then. But then she blamed me for not telling her. I got my ass beat and everything as if I was the problem.

How do I get this sticker off of my forehead before its too late?

— Geraldine, age 18


  • Maryrose
  • Lila Montoya
  • Bienmar Beniza
  • Unknown


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