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“When I was 11 my older brother started raping me, clearly my barely pubescent vagina was not sophisticated enough to know this was a legitimate rape, seeing as after a few months of abuse I became pregnant. This was in the late 80′s and the system of bullshit that I had to go through to be allowed an abortion was beyond any type of ignorance and discrimination I have yet to personally experience since. The ability for the medical and even social work community to make a child feel like a whore after she’s been mentally, physically, sexually and emotional abused was mind boggling. Eventually I got the abortion that I had to fight for.

I’m not sure if I was the one statistical anomaly but 1 week later I started to bleed a lot. I was very poor and I couldn’t afford a cab or bus fare, so I walked myself down to the local emergency room. By the time I got there I had bled through all 5 pairs of pants and the 2 shirts I had stuffed down there to stop the flow. At 12 years old I was bleeding out in a hospital emergency room due to a rape and botched abortion. They eventually noticed the blood and rushed me to an operating room. I didn’t die but I can never have children.

Some religious freaks would call this justification for having an abortion, but I can see that because of our society blindness religious followings I was denied medical care I needed in my life when I was most vulnerable.


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