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I was drugged and raped by three men one of those men was charged with the rape of me. I didn’t know them nor did I go away with them. I was drugged in a pub and they followed me when my friend and I parted ways. I have 3/4 hours unaccounted for which I will never get back. I was found with minor injuries and half dressed unaware how I got there soaked to skin. They were let off because I couldn’t pick them out in a line up. Also I was told at first by prosecution I was only drunk. A week later got call they found high levels of drug called PMA aka (Dr death) which they now class as a class A drug and trying to ban it in the UK. But, it didn’t change outcome of the case cause they couldn’t prove they gave me it. They had DNA also scratches on one of there faces plus loads evidence and still couldn’t convict. This happened Aug 2014 and every day is struggle. But every day I’m grateful because like many of you woman/men, I’m a survivor. Rape needs to be addressed and the laws tougher. They strip us of much more than what they take in those moments/ hours of there attack it’s time we spoke up and had voice the courts need to hear us !!!

— Julie (survivor)


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