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Hi guys, I’m currently 16 years old, and I am a victim of 2 sexual assaults, and one rape.

Sexual assault #1: I was in grade 8, going to school in a small town, which meant I knew everyone. I was dedicated to my agricultural subjects and I tried to get along with everyone in my class so I could get the most out of the practical sessions. It was our day to be on the Ag farm, and it was only supposed to be our class, no grade 9 people were meant to be there. I got a message from a supposed friend of mine who, was in grade 9, and also happened to see me when I was going into the sheds alone. He said he wanted to have sex with me in the sheds and I just replied with “You’re weird.” and left it at that. I walked out of the shed and over to the rest of the group to join them and put on our boots. I realized when I got there that I had odd boots. I had to go back into the shed. I took a friend just in case something bad happened. She got called by the teacher so she ran out, told me she would be back. I quickly tried to find a matching boot so I could get out of there and back into the supervision of my teacher. I turned around and there he was. He was taller than me, by a foot, at least. He told me I looked good. I said thanks and tried to be nice just so he would leave me alone. He stood in front of me and blocked the doorway so I couldn’t leave. I was scared. He grabbed my bum and started squeezing it saying I had a great ass. He kissed me, and no matter how much I pulled my head back, he wouldn’t stop. He reached up my shirt with one hand and grabbed my boob. He said I had massive boobs, then he slid his hand down towards my vagina and it was like I had finally come out of my shell. I said NO. But as soon as I had come out, I went back in. I quickly told him I had to go back and get the sheep in, and he let me go and moved to the side. I reported it but nothing was done about it.

My Rape: I had not long turned 15 when this happened. As a teenager I had gone through a lot, and I was depressed. I had a job at IGA, and I used to work 3 days after school a week, and most weekends. One weekend I had a really shitty day at work, because I had been informed that my aunty was killed in a car accident. I needed my best friend so I walked to her place and stayed there to talk until 8pm. Dad was not in town and my sister did not have her license at the time so I decided the only thing to do was to walk home. It was dark, and being a small town, not many cars were driving around. We lived near the edge of town so I walked on the quietest street. The show grounds were on one side of me, and small, abandoned houses on the other. I didn’t even see this guy walking towards me until he was only five or six meteres away. He looked to be at least 29. He asked me how I was and I said good and kept walking. We were close to entrance to the show grounds now, he asked me if I wanted to walk down there to look at the horses, I love horses. I told him I had a crappy day at work and that I needed to get home before 8:30 or I would be in trouble. He said “You still have 15 minutes, its okay, we will only be there for a minute.” He did not look like someone who would do bad things, but I was wrong. We walked down there and the further down the dirt road we got, and the more sheds we passed, I realized the stables were empty. There were no horses. I pointed it out and he said, “Its okay. Come over here.”

He took me to the shelter area where usually they would have food places set up at the annual shows. I started getting a feeling creeping up inside my stomach, and I knew something bad was going to happen. The butterflies in my stomach got more and more intense. Then I felt his hand on my bum. He kept it there as he swung around in front of me and grabbed my hair with the other hand. He started kissing me, and he let go of my hair and took my bag off my shoulder. He undid my pants, I tried to say stop but no words came out, only shaky whispers. He pushed me towards the ground and climbed on top of he. His warm body rested on my naked skin. He pushed himself into me, and cried a little bit, I was in a lot of pain. He went hard and didn’t care about what was happening to me. I felt wetness once he removed himself from me. It was blood. He left me there, alone. I dusted myself off and piked up my bag and rushed home. I was late and when I got home my sister and her boyfriend asked me if I was okay, I had dirt on my back and elbows. I said I was fine and went into the toilet and cried. I then went to the shower in an attempt to wash away the guilt and the taste of marijuana he had left on my lips.

Sexual assault #2: This happened only four days ago. I was out in town with three of my friends, and being a boarder, I had other friends roaming around too. I decided to meet up with this guy who I had been talking to on Facebook for a while, and I asked my friends not to leave me alone with him. As soon as he showed up they left me alone. He asked me to go with him to the car park on the top of the building to have a smoke. Everything was fine. He seemed normal, and we were in public, so I thought to myself “What could go wrong?” I noticed two guys standing on the other side of the car park who had not moved since we walked out. They were staring. This guy I was with started kissing me and getting touchy. I told him I had a feeling my friends were on their way up, in hopes that it would stop him. He said he didn’t care and continued to touch me and kiss me. He bit my lip and I pulled away. I said “Don’t start.” He said start what and started pulling me into the corner. I said” just don’t start. I’m here with friends.” He put his leg around mine so i couldn’t balance properly and was unwillingly leaning on him. He pushed me over so I was against the wall, and started kissing my neck. People were staring but nobody helped me. I told him to stop and he just kept going. I pulled my phone out and texted my friend saying “Ring me, NOW.” She rang me. I told him to stop numerous time while I was on the phone but for some reason he did not think I had a say in what he did to me. I told him louder, so people around me definitely heard, and he stepped back a little bit. I stayed on the phone until my friends turned up. The two guys from across the car park walked passed us and the one I was meeting with ran in after them. My friends went in to investigate what he was doing so I was out side by myself. I called another friend who I thought of as my bodyguard. He is HUGE. I told him where I was and what happened and he told me he was on his way. My friends came back out with these other guys right behind them. so i walked back into the shopping centre and waited nervously for my friend to appear. He showed up with 4 other guys and they were ready to fight this person that had touched me. I told them to get me out of there and they took action quickly. I have constantly thought this over in my head,Ii should have protected myself, I should have done something. But I froze, like I did the previous times. I would hate to have seen what could have happened if I didn’t have friends looking out for me.

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