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Hello, my name is Zhyasia Johnson. I was recently molested by my mother’s boyfriend. Ot started in 2015. He would always ask me to come and do stuff for him. Then one day, I guess he got enough courage and was touching my boobs. Then he started to feel me…I slapped his hand and said stop. I went in my room. I felt yucky about the whole situation. Then a week later, me and my brother were having a snow ball fight. He then tried to stick a snow ball down my pants and started to feel my vagina. I was trying to get away but I was laughing and telling him to stop because he was ticking me too so it was hard to be serious. Then maybe about a month later, he started to eat me out and tried to get hard. But I just stayed there like a dummy not saying nothing letting him do it. I didn’t try to get away. I just sat there quietly.

— Age 12


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