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I live in a developed country, it’s pretty bad everywhere but i figure I have significantly poor look here. Spanning many Years, several occasions, several men, different in nature, same result, collectively took away pieces of me, pieces that I’m not sure what they are anymore. You people are the first to know. Decades and no one real knows, I have no words for it, I don’t recognize what I feel. I did okay in life so far, not great, mostly quite lonely in my thoughts, chirpy enough otherwise. I think too much to a point it’s mistaken as a disorder but in actual fact they don’t realize how much I’ve had to think about over the years. I make up different scenarios where i would deal with it and the scenarios are all different. I’ve cried here and there, everywhere over the years and I dont know why, now I’m just mostly numb, I read about all these survivors here with great emotion, with great break through yet I’m here with 0 feeling choosing to ignore all of it. Should I go this way?

— Survivor, age 24


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