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When I was 9 my favorite holiday was always Halloween, going out at night scaring and getting scared but it was more of a joke scare. But, Halloween 2010 was not a “joke scare.” My mum was sick and couldn’t take me trick or treating so my neighbor took me. She had a daughter my age and a 14 year old son and we decided that the daughter would go with her mum down one street and I would go down another with her brother because it was getting late. We got halfway down the street and he forced me into a public bathroom where he did… It. He ended up telling me that he would kill my mum if I told anyone so I keep it hidden. He still lives next door and see him regularly, every time he makes sexual faces, threatening looks or grabs me when no one is around.

— Survivor, age 14

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  • Chandan - India


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