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I met my boyfriend online 3 years ago, I was 17 at that time. I week after I went into college. One day his friend invited us to his home we were just few, my boyfriend, his friends, some other guys like 5 of them and girls like 6 of them and me his friend had a fight with his girl friend and he was beating her badly everyone tried to stop him. She finally got to escape and everyone left. My boyfriend and I stayed back even his friend had gone. While we were sitting he began to take off my clothes I kept stopping him, when he realised I wasn’t going to let him he began to remove my clothes forcefully. I began to scream just in case some was close by but everyone had already left. I ran to the door to open it but the door was locked. I knew he wasn’t the one that locked it cause he was sitting on the coach the whole time. He dragged me back to the floor and raped me. I cried and struggling begging him to stop. I felt so much pain. I told him it was hurting me but he just ignored and continued I stop screaming. After a while I heard a person”s voice right outside the door. I screamed for help but it was like the person did not hear a word. He finally stopped and I was to weak to get up and he put my clothes back on and his friends came back with two of the girls and pretended he had done nothing wrong. I stood up and decided to leave cause I was really angry and hurt. It was 3am at the time cause one of the girls at the party asked me and 2 other girls if we could sleep at her house, she was my boyfriend’s friend’s sister if that makes sense. But I said no and decided to leave and go back to campus. The next day I got a warning saying if I told anyone they would kill my parents. I had never heard the person’s voice but the guy seemed to know a lot but my life. So I kept quite. I broke up with my boyfriend but he kept doing the same thing when ever he got the chance I began to avoid him a lot. H e raped me several times, I told my best friend about it and she said he was my boyfriend. Even though I told her we had broken up. She said he was a nice guy that I was just blaming him for no reason. Two years after I got tired and told my parents I wanted to change school cause that was the only way I could get him out of my life. I know some people would say why didn’t u report to the police or why didn’t u stop talking to him well let me tell u why. He said if I had stopped talking to him he would tell everyone how much we had sex and tell them I always asked for it and from were I come from people believe the first thing they hear whether it is good or bad. I had a good reputation and I did not want to ruin it. Everyone knew my family. So anything that had to do with my family. Would spread a lot especially things like this and the police men are as good as useless cause they too will insult you just as much others will. I still feel like this was all my fault. My be st friend still thinks his innocent. Sometimes I wonder if she is actually my best friend or she just believes what ever he tells her.

— Survivor, age 20

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