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I am a survivor of rape! At 14 years of age I was raped by a 16 year old boy on the morning of the 7th of may i woke up to find a lot of texts off the boys friend saying they wanted me to come to his friends house, so I asked is there girls going they said yes ofc, I was hesitant at first but I went, I walked into the house were I was told to go upstairs as they were up there by the boys mother, I went on up to find no girls there, I asked ‘where are the girls’, they replied saying they wouldn’t be long they are on their way I said ok , we were all talking until his friend left the room suddenly I asked why did you leave the room ? His reply was I’m not sure so he started to kiss me so I went along , I was a virgin at the time and I told him I didn’t want to do no more but he kept saying I’d like it , but I stuck to saying no , he forced his hand down his trousers and at this point I was in shock , I thought I was screami ng but no words came out my mouth, he put his hand down my trousers still whispering you’ll like it, he then took his jeans off and forced himself inside me, silent tears were dropping on the pillow but he carried on, he soon got up and left I then heard him and his friend laughing, I thought quick and put foundation under my eyes to look like I hadn’t been crying , because I knew they wouldn’t let me out if I was , so I ran down the stairs and said I’m going and run out of the door , I told my sister straight away who then told my mam, the police were rung and I had examinations that were horrific, a following 4 months later it came back there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed to court!
To this day 7 months on from the attack I still relive the nightmare, I see his face in my dreams and in my head, there isn’t no escape

— Survivor, age 15


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