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About two years ago I went to my senior year party it was about twenty girls and about 30-35 boys, It was kind of awkward for me because everyone was there with somebody and I was there with my cousin and best friend. My cousin (female 17) left with her boyfriend and my best friend (female 18) went upstairs with her girlfriend. I wander around looking for a friend to take me home when I ran into my ex Messiah he had been drinking and wanted me to drive him home, I agreed because I lived two houses from him. I struggle to get him into the car but succeed, as I started driving he made certain remarks about my hair being different and how pretty I was. I brushed it off as the alcohol talking. When I got to his house I parked his car in his driveway then helped him into his house. He pulled me on top of him and kissed my jawline. I struggled to get up but my 168 lbs was no match for his 250 lbs. That night my innocence was taking. For months I blamed myself, I felt depress, suicidal, and ashamed. At times I felt like it was my fault but all those emotions changed when I found out I was pregnant with my son Adonis. Some peoples said blessings come in disguise and now I believe them.
(Messiah went to jail for rape but got out two months ago and my counselor talked me into letting my son see him)

— Chyna, age 16


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