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My name is Alexandra and I was raped at the age of 14 by my step dad in my home. Yes I was a virgin, No i didnt want that to happen, No I wasn’t dressing anyway infront of him. I loved him at one point now I wish he was dead. My mom was sleeping while everything was going on. The bastard came inside my room and started doing things i didn’t want while i was sleeping but then i woke up to him putting his dick inside me. I was so confused and hurt because I knew this guy for a long time i wouldn’t imagine him doing this to me, Now im 19 telling my story. When I woke up to him next to me I tried to scream but he covered my mouth I swear I was trying my best to stop him… All i was thinking about was Where is my mom and Where is God? Why wasn’t he saving me.. It felt like it was going on for years but it was finally over and blood was everywhere. My face was stained with my tears my nose was stuffed i was so hurt. The next day when he went to work I told my mom and immediately she called the police. We explained everything and I went to the hospital to get checked because I didn’t take a shower. Now im glad to know he is in prison for life. My mom hasn’t dated since but she seems happy and I am too. I’m in college now I just hate reminiscing about it.

— Alexandra, age 19

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