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Rape Being Considered a “Joke”

Dear Readers,
I am anonymous for a reason that me revealing this story is a danger to my life. The reason for this is because the rapist is somebody with high power. They are the son of this (something). I don’t know. I just know that for a fact that they have enough power not to get kicked out of cadets for rape. Now I will begin my story.

I’m not sure if you all know but cadets actually features boarding camps. These camps each have a unique feature. The one that I went to was a 6 week camp which featured teaching others to shoot and to do some shooting yourselves. Being in a mass people camp, I was placed in a tent with 9 others who were well decent people. Each of us worked well for the first week, we were mostly good buddies.

As you know, the second week was when it all started. I was lying there eating my noodles. One of the tent mates I didn’t know so well decided to try and shove a febreeze up rear end. I tried to get him off, but he held me there. My other hand was busy trying not to spill noodles all over my bed. (Yes, I should’ve shoved the guy off). After he did it I got really mad at him. Then we were all called in to our beds. While talking at night, I decided to told him if you admit it in front of my whole tent I would let you go for the moment. He did it and then I felt satisfied that I made the world a better place. To be honest most of my friends later on told me to tell on him, but I thought that that would make matters worse.

Unfortunately, they were right. Before the second week was out, the kid blamed me for stealing one of his wearable ranks. His reason was because I was taking my clothes out from home and they had them on. The kid then starts openly blaming me just because he lost his. 5 of my tent mate then start and wrestle it away from me. Surprisingly they were stupid enough to believe him. Then after a 10 minute debate, we decided to take it to the higher ranks. They listened and took it away. (In the end they gave it to the guy).

This had made me mad enough. I decided tat night to go to our Padre (guidance counsellor). He listened in on it, oh man that snake said he would deal with it. And so I waited for 5 days. My friends told me to go and tell again. I got 2 of my friends who listened on the confession and went there again. I decided we were going straight to the Military Police. But my friends later convinced me to got to the Padre. I went there and found the second guy. I was a bit regretful at the time, although he turned out to be better. He told me he was going to get the Military Police. Man was I happy.

The next 2 weeks were a blur. The summary of it was that I talked to the MP’s. I talked to my friends. I finally decided that I was not going to sue the guy because it was not worth it even though I was devastated. I mostly felt I would be ruining somebody else’s life. I did it and the MP guy told me to go and talk to our head. He told me he had no power in those decisions.

When I went to talk with the heads, they told me that they were going to get him to switch groups within the course. I accepted it. My tent mates were all happy he was leaving. I waited and then they told me he was going to be switching tents. Unfortunately, they did not. I, at the time was in another temporary tent at the time. They then tried to force me back in to the tent. I had to stay up to 12:30 debating with the higher ups that I was not gonna sleep in a same tent with the guy. He eventually gave up and let me sleep there.

Through out the 4th week I tried continuously to stay away from him. I had to do some ridiculous things. People were getting mad at me and the staff spread propaganda at me. They even tried to get me in trouble. Some examples were being pulled out just because I ran away from the guy, and sleeping even though we got like 6 hours of sleep per day.

By the end of week 5, I had pretty much no more friends. Everyone had abandoned me seeing my position. I eventually lost all of them. Then on the last weekend, I had a locker hit me directly on the head. After that, the guy said I will show this to the very head of Cadets and get you kicked out if you try to cause any more trouble. He then told me that is was a joke. I had been told that many times. I left the camp successful. But till this day I get dreams/visions of this guy who made me in so much trouble. I hope that corruption doesn’t lead to this anymore.

Thanks, Anonymous


  • Alexis
  • Anonymous


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