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Rape by family

Growing up in the country with my mom and her boyfriend with my brother. My mom always let her boyfriend do anything he wanted to me when I was younger. She wound take me to my grandfather’s house and it would be the same way as it was at home he could do as he pleased. At age 11 I ended geting pregnant and my mother told the doctor that i didn’t know who the dad was but in all odds I knew who the dad was. But i was told to keep my mouth shut and that the baby would be given away to the adoption sence i was so young. And had no say so in what happens to the baby. But after the baby was born nothin seemed to change expect her make sure I was placed on birth control. Then started being raped again by her boyfriend on the daily bases when she choice to go to bars and bring another guy home to sleep with. But i had to deal with her boyfriend rapeing me. She was 2 worried about her drugs and how she gonna get her next fix and who she gonna get next. Today im 30 years old and still have flash backs about it all and very lucky to be able to have kids of my own.

— Angel



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