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Rape By Unknown

Friday nights were dedicated to be be family fight night. My family and I would watch WWE Smack-down. This we would watch as a group at my uncle’s house next door. Throughout the day my ear was aching on and off. With the high volume of the television and the excitement with the fights I wanted to go home. I told my brothers I was headed over.

While walking (still in my uncle’s yard) I saw a shadow coming forward. I thought it was our neighbor JJ but then I was like; no he is shorter than that. As i attempted to run off the figure spoke. telling me not to run while promoting the gun he had. He pointed it at me and in that instance I wondered if I should still take a chance hoping it does have bullets or comply. I complied.

He aggressively grabbed my arm, grasping it tightly. He used expletives with his orders. I heard him tell me to walk and as we reached the gate i saw two other men. A short one with a knapsack and a tall one with a machete that complimented the moonlight. They were all masked from head to toe. I couldn’t see 1 thing except their eyes. We walked along the lane with haste; gripped by my arm, shirt and jeans. While they thought of where and what to do with me I was contemplating what action I would take as well.

When one of them said “over there” I felt something in me break off like a dried twig. I told myself I wouldn’t see another day. Simply because ‘over there’ was the football field. They intended to take me to the fringes of it which was vegetated with bush and thorn trees. Two had guns and one had a machete. It was game over in my mind and accepted defeat and decided not to fight. They searched me and took both phones and left me with my house key. I was questioned about houses and people and places and myself. I was missing a while and my family was ready to go home. They called my phones continuously. I was physically and verbally abused They argued why so many people kept calling me. The entire time I remained calm and relaxed. I was just waiting for death. I love stars and thats what I did. Lay in the grass with tears sliding down my cheeks visioning the aftermath of my death.

They began admiring my body. They took turns to rape me. Though one was a bit hesitant he still did it. It was awful and I cried out the entire time. I was restrained for silence. They were so cold and rough. The last one was the worst one. It was horrible. None of them used condoms though I advised them to.

They brought me to my cousins house afterwards to rob it. It was a fancy one. Thats where they left me. When I walked home with my cousins I was reunited with my mother and brothers. They called the police and when they got there I sat in the background and said nothing. I was in disbelief and shame. I couldn’t hold it in. I had to say it to believe it. I told my neighbor and began to cry then he began to cry. He insisted I tell my mother but I couldn’t. I didn’t want her to break down. I told her and she did. W e reported it and I received medical treatment. When asked if I was feeling pain I said no. That was a lie. I just was lost and shocked that I felt it when i got home. I went for I.D. parade but there was no way I would know the scoundrels that did it. I don’t blame myself.

— Sapphire, age 21


  • Alissa Ackerman
    • Sapphire
  • Alissa Ackerman


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