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Raped After School

Hi, My name is Vanessa i am 17 years old. I am going to talk about my story and what had happened to me while i was in school. One day my Boyfriend but now ex and i got into an argument over something stupid. We kept fighting that day so we didn’t talk that day but then the next day came along and he was like hey since you are walking home today from school i want to go with you to make sure that you are safe. of course i replied ” sure” so he came along. He told me to go down a street because it would be a lot faster to get to my house than the way that i was taking So i agreed well he took me behind this house and started to kiss me and i was like i want to go home. He was like your not going anywhere. so i just stayed trying to find a way to get out of there. Well eventually he started to make out with me so i told him to stop i dont want to do this especially if your cheating on me. so He stopped for like 2 min well i was wrong he eventually picked me up and put me on the grass and got on top of me as he took off my skirt and i kept pulling them up. i was like i really do not want to be doing this. He did it anyways. That night changed my life. I eventually found out that i was pregnant with his kid. I was so humiliated by what people had told me about him and how i didn’t listen. I had a miscarriage and i was devastated. I just want to say anyone that is out there experiencing this type of sexual assault or even rape should press charges. still till this day i have never told my mom i dont want her to be mad at the person that did it. i want my mom and my whole family to be ok including my twin sister who was also sexually assaulted.


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