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Raped and Abused

I was raped by a male babysitter when I was in the third grade. He was 15. He was the son of missionaries who taught my parents in bible college. I never told anyone until two years ago when I finally told my therapist. I still have never told my parents.

I’ve felt such shame for years and have never had a long term relationship because I find it difficult to trust and I find sex painful. I am 40 now. I never want anyone to feel the pain and shame I have felt for over 30 years.

The next year, I was abused by my uncle who was only three years older than me. He forced me to perform oral sex on him. I had no idea what that was at the time. I felt for years that it was my fault, that I had somehow asked for it.

I saw Linor’s story and it gave me the courage to finally admit what happened. I wish I was as brave as her to share my story with others.

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  • Cecilia Peck


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