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Raped and Almost Raped and Harassed

I was raped a week before I was almost raped by my neighbor. I was inebriated and hurt physically. My neighbor who sexually assaulted me is harassing me. It would have been rape had I not had the presence of mind I had. I reported it to the police but they did nothing. Since the neighbor slams doors a lot and twice when I’ve been to the toilet I’ve heard him outside the back making sexual comments. My weight has ballooned and I feel like I’m going crazy. I cry sometimes but mostly drink and struggle with my appetite. I’m almost a hermit. I try and then I guess it keeps getting to me. I get stared at around the small town I live in. I’ve been out with my dog a few weeks ago and a woman was shouting and there were three men staring and two gangs. The neighbor has also banged hard outside the front three times when I’ve gone out my door. He tried talking to me one day and I kept walking I’d like to be there for others but fee l like I’m losing myself.

— Survivor, age 48


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