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Raped because of who I loved

I’m lesbian. I have been since I was 17, ever since I felt that guys couldn’t do the same job as girls. When I was 18 I was still in college, and had opened up about my sexuality to eveyrone. And one of the guys, who I knew had a crush on me seemed rather pissed….

A year later I had been dating a girl for a while- insanely hot, sweet smart– everything I could have wanted. And due to our young age and newfound love we were making out inside of a bathroom, just cause. Then we heard a noise, and the whispers of guys- it was a girls bathroom so it was a bit strange. Then the door was busted open, and we were dragged out… They took her first and made me watch- my girlfriend getting used that way– then they moved onto me, calling me names hitting me, cutting my hair short, and even scarring DYKE into my back. (It’s still healing to this day). A year after this happened, me and her had broken up, and she changed from being an outgoing person to a nervous wreck. Everytime she would see me, she would run, cause she thought the guys would be around me, trying to get us together again.

They attacked me a few times, until she committed suicide. A formal investigation was made, and they were arrested…. but even now that im 23 they still scare me. And the worst part is that they know where I live- and I have a new girlfriend. I don’t want this to happen again.


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