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Raped By a Friend

I was 17. A virgin. Very naive. In college away from home for the first time. Grieving terribly for my mom who had passed away 2 months earlier. I was living in a coed dorm. A group of us – male and female – hung out together. I went to a party one night in the dorm. Didn’t know punch was gull of grain alcohol. Woke up in the middle of the rape to a hand over my mouth. Next memory was waking in the morning naked. Bleeding. Vomit in my hair. He claimed I begged him to have sex with me and when he refused that I raped myself with scissors. I was filled with Shame. Told no one. Afraid my dad would be angry and that I had asked for it! Years later he admitted it to me. Destroyed me. I with gods help have risen from these ashes.

Thank you for this work that you are doing. It is life changing for many. You have given many prisoners a voice. God bless you!

— Survivor, age 52

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