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Raped By A Registered Sex Offender

I was 40 years old when it happened to me. I was a virgin because of my faith and beliefs about not having sex outside of marriage and I have never been married. I’m also physically disabled–I was using a walker at the time and waiting for my insurance to pay for a mobility scooter.

It happened in my apartment. I had gone downstairs to the mailboxes to get my mail. A man was down there getting mail as well. He introduced himself and said he was a new tenant who had just moved in a few weeks ago. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, then he asked me if I wanted to talk outside while he smoked. We talked outside for about 10 minutes. He asked me if I was married or dating, but I didn’t think that was anything unusual. We found out that we both liked video games, so I asked him if he wanted to go to my apartment to play video games and he said yes. As soon as we were in my apartment he grabbed me and started kissing and touching me. He pulled down his shorts and said “look at this” in reference to his erect penis, then started pulling my clothes off. I tried to pull away and told him no, that I was a Christian and I didn’t believe in sex outside of marriage, but that didn’t stop him. He wanted to use my couch, but it had so many broken spots, which I told him, hoping that would deter him. Instead, he forced me into my bedroom and onto my bed. He tried to get inside me and said he couldn’t because I was too tight, so he pulled me off my bed, turned me around. The whole time he kept asking me which part of my anatomy I liked it better in. As if I would know.

I said no over and over while he was raping me. I was also in shock and really scared. There was no way I could fight him because he was able bodied and strong and I’m physically disabled. I’m guessing that he probably picked me because it was obvious that I wouldn’t be able to fight.

I reported it to the police a few months later. They didn’t do any investigation. They didn’t even check the sex offender database to see if he was in it. I was the one who found out, 3 years later, that he has been a registered sex offender since long before he raped me. I contacted the police again with that information and have still had trouble getting them to investigate.


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