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Raped by My Ex

I loss my first virginity back in April 22, 2018 from my ex boyfriend. When I first loss my virginity I felt mad, sad, depressed, stupid, and confused. The next day when I woke up around 7 o’clock in a morning he raped me again I still felt confused, tired, denial, exhausted, and trapped. He became very possessive, controlling, and abusive torch me. The next day I called in for work to tell my boss what is going on. I got a ride to an emergency Ride Out Hospital to do a raped kit then I reported him to the cop. The next day he left me a voicemail he was very piss off by making a threated. He wanted me to meet him at the bus stop in my neighborhood I refuse to show up.

On May 24th 2018 I file a 5 years restraining order so can stop coming by my neighborhood. Right now there a investigation has been continue ever since I reported him on April 24th. Please don’t tell me to get over it healing from raped takes a long time if I have every power I want this guy to be gone permenantly.


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