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Raped By My Partner

I just watched Brave Miss World and i was very touched by it.
I am a survivor. I was raped 3 years ago by someone i loved very much. Besides raping me, he also was very abusive, telling me that i would never find someone like him, that treated me as well as he did. He always made me feel that i wasn’t enough for him, that’s why he never assumed me as a firm relationship.
Those things made me his slave. I loved him very much and i would do anything to make him love back. So, when he raped me i said no but i wasn’t able to react or protect myself. I was just paralyzed.
It took me so long to realize that i was raped, but i couldn’t tell anyone about it because i was afraid that no one would listen to me (he was very popular among my friends).
I was afraid that everyone would blame me, because i should be strong and not accept this situation. That i fell on this hole because i wanted. That’s why i never reported it.
Today i do therapy with a psychologist and a psychiatrist. I also managed to tell some friends about what happened to me, including my current boyfriend. He is my biggest supporter! I’m so happy of being in a healthy relationship. We are so much in love!
Today i am stronger and i would like to help other girls like me. I would like to be an activist but i don’t know how to start it. I live in Brazil, and in my city there isn’t many options for who is raped. I’m thinking of looking some ONG or something like that.
I would like to thank you for this space for us to tell our stories.
Let us all be strong!

— Bruna Santiago, age 24

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