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Raped by school ‘friend’

dont really know where to start with this i’ve not told anyone, tried to stop myself from thinking about it. pretending it was a nightmare, that this didn’t happen to me. but i was raped by a boy i knew since year 7. he was hosting a party and there must of been about 20 of us maybe less . the party was rubbish the boys were just smoking weed and there was no dancing. i did smoke and drink and i was completely out of it. somehow i made it to a bed and was lying there he came in well he must of but all i remember was him raping me saying things like you want it dont you and thats all i remember. i have a boyfriend and had one at the time. so i can’t tell anyone is it my fault because i was out of it because i let him? i dont know what to do… boys in my year have made comments about me and the boy hinting that they know we did something but i just blush and change the subject they clearly just think I’m a slut. what do i do? i have a few close friends i could tell but its embarrassing i mean my best friend was there she knew i was out of it but i dont want to be that weak girl i want to forget it !!!! this type of thing doesn’t happen to me … right? the boy and i havent spoke about it and of course he would say i was asking for it or whatever… he’s just like that. but what can i do i feel like this is just weighing me down. how can i tell anyone when i had a boyfriend and i barely remember it.


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