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Raped Husband

I was married when I wasn’t a Christian. I was pregnant when I was 21 and my husband 24. I had a difficult marriage because my husband loved to get drunk. But, one time he told me he was rapped when he was a child by a 15 year old boy. He told me to not tell to his family, then he got worse with drugs and then I had to divorce.

Then I knew Jesús and his Father the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When I told his family the truth they didn’t believed me and they tried to seperate me from him and not having our marriage mended.

I raised my 2 girls, alone with Lords help. I have peace in the Lord but I am not sure how to help him. I just pray and fast for my family.

I separated my husband since 1998 and I started to study the bible and I have the comfort of the Lord. My husband was confused in his life, I think he told me to not saying this again…but I know its worse and anyway I still Love him. I will like to have a miracle and I know is in Lords time.


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