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Raped in College

I was 20 when I moved into my first apartment in college,
I was date raped by my down stairs neighbor. I went to better myself with big thoughts of changing the world. I was drugged and raped by my down stairs neighbor. I tried to tell my best friend about it and she blamed me saying I did something to provoke the incident. I have never felt so alone so I didn’t tell anyone else, not even my family. When I tried to open up to my boyfriend he blamed me. I am 31 years old now and still struggle with relationships. I have seen Brave Miss World and it gave me strength to be more vocal about what happened to me. I’m am working through the depression and relationship issues. My family still doesn’t know because my mom died before I could tell her and I don’t know how to tell my big brothers and my father. I have struggled with being embarrassed and ashamed.
I try to keep it a secret as much as I can but have been extremely vocal about rape on college campuses since. I’m so glad I’ve seen your movie and heard all the stories told in it. Everyone of these brave women have given me strength to conquer my inner demons. Thank you.

— Survivor, age 31

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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