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Read This Please

AS For those who’ve had a HORRID PAST Please I ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ: DO NOT EVER THINK OF KILLING YOURSELF EVERRRR PLS DON’T DO IT! It does suck because the world today is messed up, Ignorant and seems we have no one left to trust That’s true but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself suffer from the fault of the people around you. YOU ARE BRAVE in this world you are one of the most beautiful beings surrounded by ignorant people you shouldn’t let other people ignorance affect you BECAUSE YOUR A STRONG BUTTERFLY You can and WILL Survive this Messy world I’ve suffered the same that feeling you when everything around you seems utterly hopeless and you feel hopeless “Those are one of the hard trials in Life” and Oh can I ask one wish from you this NEW YEAR 2016 Pretty pleaaase for me DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Disregard your past because it’s your past and it’s gone erase it as if it’s pencil marks from your paper And start A New BE POSITIVE IN ORDER TO INVITE POSITIVE ENERGY, You may not have a good beginning but this is your chance to have a Happy Present and Future, And also whoever else read this I encourage and also want you to do so I will pray for you all and remember DON’T LET ANYONE’S FAULT RUIN YOUR FUTURE AND YOUR LIFE BECAUSE I KNOW THERE ARE MORE PLANS, DREAMS AND WISHES ARE IN STORE FOR YOU! THIS IS NOT THE END! YOU ARE STRONG, STRONGER THAN ANY BUTTERFLY AROUND THE WORLD 🙂 YOU ARE A WARRIOR BECAUSE YOU HAVE SURVIVED THIS FAR!!!!

— Patricia, age 16

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