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I was 18 years old. As with many of these stories, I was a freshman in college. I was drunk. It is embarrassing to admit that I was so drunk that I fell off of a 5′ loft bed into a mini fridge, resulting in a moderate to severe concussion (later diagnosed by medical professionals). I am now even more aware of this because I am a mental health professional. Back then, I didn’t know so much. I saw myself as an over-sheltered youth “breaking free” from my parents’ shackles. So, I drank…a lot. This particular night, I was so disoriented that had to be carried up the stairs by a few friends, including one young man who decided to stay with me for the night to “make sure I was okay.” That night, I lost my virginity. I lost everything. He made sure that I knew he was my first. Nothing, not even time, has been able to replace that fact. It’s been a hard struggle since then. I’ve dealt with alcoholism, weight gain, and depression. I’ve been in several abusive relationships. One thing remains the same, though….telling my story makes a difference. I am an accomplished and successful elementary school guidance counselor and I cannot bear the idea of this kind of thing happening to any of my students. My truest hope is that my story will reach someone who needs it and who can learn from my experiences. If you need help, just ask for it! Many people out there would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate 🙂

— Kerry, age 22


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