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I can’t remember only give an estimated age when I was molested but what I can most likely believe I was raped. They say you don’t start having long term memory’s until the age of 3 and beyond. So that’s why I think it was at the age 3 to 5 was when I was raped. When I would play with my dolls I would make them do sexual things and act sexual. I was interested in sex before I knew what sex was. When I was younger I remember playing with my brothers as if it was normal. I am 16 years old now. I have an std that showed up at the age of 11. I am not nor ever sexually active of what I know of. When I was younger and my brother would play my dad would see us and spank us till we cried and my brothers mom hated me she really did. My question is if you see a child acting this way why did they blame me? Could they not see that something was wrong? Did they think I was experimenting what at the age 4, who does that. I used to cry a lot a year ago from the realization of my action my interests in sex and my std all came down to one thing. I wanted to blame everyone who saw the signs and didn’t act on them when they were right in front of them. I can’t be near or comfortable touching people even my own my own mom or dad. I never feel comfortable if there skin is touching mine. I just needed to tell my story. Thank you.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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