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Repeat Offender

I had my Tuesday night shift, and it was a cold, wet and still a misty rain, and I just got off the #113 bus as it turned at Fernwood Cemetery, and it goes left to the terminal, and I go right to my apartment and walk home.
I was tired and not paying much attention, made obvious as a guy in a bright yellow shirt came from behind to put a knife to my throat. He pulled me behind a row of tombstones next to the road to lay in the mud, kept the knife to my throat and forced me.
The next Tuesday night, I was walking the same route, and I saw him step from behind a large monument, but he was in about am arms reach, and still had his knife. Without any visible help, I complied, putting his knife away and letting me keep my top in the cold, he forced me again.
The next Tuesday, I was much more alert, and I saw him behind a bush, and when he came out, I went with him behind the stones, where he made me undress announcing he intended to do it a third time.

Okay, I left out a few steps:
I called the Police, and did The Kit, but they figured he was an Opportunity Rapist, and would be long gone, but would compare the evidence for matches.
I called for the second rape, and the Police were apologetic, and re-evaluated him as a Stalker, likely having seen me get off the bus multiple times. By then, they had previous matches.

By the third week attack, he was confident he didn’t need to keep me at knifepoint, and put it away. Documented on 4 cameras, were were surrounded by 6 officers. They took him away, and were quite embarrassed at my nudity(I wasn’t), but remained professional.
He wanted a plea for lack of extradition on the other case matches. The DA refused. He was found guilty of multiple counts; I’m Sorry, but I don’t have access to the other cases, but will be contacted if he is released.

As for me, I was unhurt beyond unwanted intercourse, and I had exams and therapy provided. I now volunteer at hotlines and group, as did my Mother.

— Carol, age 42


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